About Break O' Day Farm 
& Metcalfe Museum
The original Corson homestead consisted of 160 acres of land that lay in the Washita River valley. After the death of Augusta's mother Mary in 1920, Augusta and son Howard named the Corson/Metcalfe home Break O' Day Farm. The Break O' Day Farm now consists of 640 acres of untamed prairie land and many attractions. If weather permits, there are two dirt trails that lead you past the banks of the Washita River. The long trail measures 3/10 of a mile and the short trail measures 8/10 of a mile. Both trails will also give you access to the red rock foundation of the original Corson home where Howard was born, as well as the grave site of Mary Corson. As you walk the trails, enjoy the abundance of wild life such as turkey, quail, raccoon, white tail deer, and squirrels. Bird watchers also come out to see a wide variety of birds such as a Painted Bunting, Indigo Bunting and on some occasions, the Bald Eagle.
Behind the museum and art gallery is a compound where guests are free to eat  packed lunches or just sit and rest in the country air. 

 There are several out buildings that contain many Corson/Metcalfe family artifacts as well as a wide pioneer-inspired antique collection. One of our most well loved attractions is the original house where Augusta spent many hours painting while her beloved pet deer, Daisy, lay fire side. Another attraction is the original building of the Blue Goose Saloon which once stood in the tiny community of Hamburg, Oklahoma. There is a fascinating and humorous connection between Augusta's art and the Blue Goose Saloon that your guide will be sure and share with you.  Please note that the availability to any outside activity (this includes both trails and out buildings) is subject to weather and our discretion. 

The Metcalfe Art Gallery shows both original art work of Augusta Metcalfe as well as displays from other local guest artists. All displays are periodically changed out so that we may exhibit as much of our collection of Augusta's work as possible. 

Augusta and her son Howard were often hosting friends and meetings and this is a tradition we at the Break O' Day Farm would love to continue. Our Arts & Events Center makes that possible. Over the duration of the summer the Metcalfe Arts & Events Center has already seen large groups of people come through to attend various activities and camps. The building consists of a fully functional kitchen with an added island to give extra space for handling large crowds. The open floor plan ensures enough room to house a dance floor for receptions, multiple tables and chairs for meetings, and enough space to break into groups for camp activities. Large picture windows give guests a spectacular view of the well-manicured Metcalfe Museum grounds with easy access to the museum compound and nature walking trails. The Metcalfe Museum and Break O' Day Farm is excited to offer our community the chance to use our facilities. Please call for pricing and to make sure your dates are available.

The Metcalfe Museum also offers a gift shop during our operating hours. We carry a wide variety of pioneer life inspired toys, cook books, and reading material. Also for purchase are various Oklahoma made products that include painted china and hand knitted or sewn items. From time to time, we offer reprints of some of Augusta's most admired work. Please call or come by for availability. 

hours of service:
Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Please arrive by 4 pm for a guided tour

Seasons of operation: 
March 1 to November 30

Break O' Day Farm & Metcalfe Museum will be closed
 on 4th of July and Thanksgiving

The Break O' Day Farm & Metcalfe Museum:
  listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the Oklahoma Historical Society since 2005.

recognized by the Oklahoma Natural Areas Registry Program for the protection of Mixed grass prairie, shinnery oak mottes, & Texas horned lizard and as a Registered Natural Heritage Area.

 listed with the Oklahoma Travel Guide, as well as Reader's Digest "Off the Beaten Path."

member of OMA (Oklahoma Museums Association)