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According to the International Women's Day website, the purpose of the day is to “forge a gender equal world. One thing Augusta knew was what it meant to be an equal in the world. Early in her marriage, Augusta was left a single mother with an incredibly young son, an invalid mother, and a section of land that still needed farming, livestock that needed tending, and bills that needed paid. Many women in that time who were faced with the same outlook, whether through widowhood or divorce, usually remarried to help maintain their way of life and to have someone who would help provide for the family. Often those marriages were born not out of love, but out of necessity. Augusta was a different breed of woman for her time. She never remarried, but instead rolled up her sleeves, tied her bonnet tightly, and worked her land and livestock on her own. The very few things she could not do alone she bartered to pay for help, but she was always present and working along side the men who came to work for her.