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The winners of the Augusta Metcalfe Memorial Art Competition are in. We have had 234 entries this year. Our awards ceremony will be held on Friday, November 7th at 10:00 AM at this Metcalfe Museum. The winners, their grade, and category are:

5th-7th Grade:

Pioneer Color Drawing-1st Leslie Garcia-Canadian River Art Center; 2nd Tenley Allen-Cheyenne; 3rd Braden Bell-Fargo

Pioneer B/W Drawing-1st Alisyn Range-Fargo; 2nd Hayleigh Phillips-Fargo; 3rd Kinsley Schneider-Fargo

Pioneer Painting-1st Evelyn Walker-Sweetwater; 2nd Alexis Lopez-Kelton; 3rd Ciara Mahri-Sweetwater

Pioneer Mixed Media-1st Austin Waggoner-Fargo; 2nd Adan Hernandez- Fargo; 3rd Rowdy Rinehart- Fargo

Pioneer Misc/Fab/Col-1st Joey Couch- Kelton

Pioneer Sculpture-1st McKenzie Marler- Kelton; 2nd Matthew Venosdel- Fargo; 3rd Calab Acker- Home School

Pioneer Scratch Art- 1st Hugo Rivera-Kelton; 2nd Lilyana Trevizo- Fargo; 3rd Madison Allen-Cheyenne

Pioneer Photography- 1st Lesly Alvarado-Kelton

Flora/Fauna Color Drawing- 1st Carson Smith-Canadian River Art Center;  2nd Abi Black-Canadian River Art Ctr; 3rd Natalie Johnson- Canadian River Art Ctr.

Flora/Fauna B/W Drawing- 1st Austin Thornton- Cheyenne;  2nd Shelby McCurdy- Greenways Intermediate; 3rd Sam Henthorn- Cheyenne

Flora/Fauna Painting- 1st Dulce Pena-Kelton; 2nd Isabella Samaniego-Kelton; 3rd Kyle Dawson-Kelton

Flora/Fauna Mixed- 1st Calli Shafer-Fargo;  2nd Marissa Watson- Fargo; 3rd Ethan Ridenhour-Fargo

Flora/Fauna Misc/Fab/Col- 1st Esther Garvin-Fargo; 2nd Shaylee Gonzales- Fargo; 3rd Julian Cook-Fargo

Flora/Fauna Sculpture- 1st Jeffery Knight-Kelton

Flora/Fauna Scratch Art-1st Nick Watkins-Kelton; 2nd Jamie Beasterfeld-Cheyenne; 3rd Coleby McCurdy-Arden Road Elementary

Flora/Fauna Photography- 1st Kelvin Moser-Kelton

Best of Show 5th-7th Grade Winner- Dulce Pena- Kelton



8th-12th Grade:

Pioneer Color Drawing- 1st Kyla Sage-Hammon; 2nd Kory Easter-Sayre; 3rd Isabella Stewart-Fargo

Pioneer B/W Drawing- 1st Braden Payne-Cheyenne; 2nd Alexis Berryman- Sayre; 3rd Blake Hensley-Sayre

Pioneer Painting- 1st Karli Carpenter- Hammon; 2nd Cadence Cloud- Elk City; 3rd Joshua Cloud- Elk City

Pioneer Mixed- 1st Felicia Butler- Kelton; 2nd Genesis Ingram- Sayre; 3rd Trysta Castle- Elk City

Pioneer Misc/Fab/Col- 1st Miguel Miranda-Fargo

Pioneer Sculpture- 1st J. Gomez- Mooreland; 2nd Rowdy Mars- Mooreland; 3rd Kendal Osborne-Mooreland

Pioneer Scratch Art- 1st Molli Flowers- Kelton; 2nd Andrea Maddux- Cheyenne; 3rd Sam Broadwater- Cheyenne

Pioneer Photography- 1st Maddy Steward-Fargo; 2nd Dalton Shawn-Fargo; 3rd Courtney Long-Fargo

Flora/Fauna Color Drawing- 1st Kyra Travis-Cheyenne; 2nd Charlie Warren- Cheyenne; 3rd Emmi Varnell- Sayre

Flora/Fauna B/W Drawing- 1st Taylor Riley-Kelton; 2nd Cody Turner-Sayre; 3rd Jacie Scott-Cheyenne

Flora/Fauna Painting- 1st Kaylee McDaniels-Cheyenne; 2nd Alyssia Cotts-Sayre; 3rd Devyn Metcalf-Elk City

Flora/Fauna Mixed Media-1st Hadley Smith-Cheyenne; 2nd Breanna Nantz- Sayre; 3rd Dylan McCullough- Fargo

Flora/Fauna Misc/Fab/Col- 1st Veronica Kirkpatrick-Fargo; 2nd Tate Zollinger-Fargo

Flora/Fauna Scultpure- 1st Hanna Hill-Sweetwater; 2nd Keeley Mahlock-Mooreland; 3rd Audrey Firth-Elk City

Flora/Fauna Scratch Art-1st Quentin Parker-Kelton; 2nd Chris Kincaid-Mooreland; 3rd Molly Malson- Cheyenne

Flora/Fauna Photography- 1st Nick Neer- Mooreland; 2nd Felipe Covarrubia-Kelton; 3rd Chase Currier-Fargo

Flora/Fauna Graphic- 1st Jacob Schnoebelen-Mooreland; 2nd Jacob Heath-Mooreland

Best of Show 8th-12th Grade Winner- Karli Carpenter-Hammon